Investment Management and Advisory

Our investment process is built upon traditional equity and fixed income securities, along with exchange traded funds. We believe in the need for asset and style based portfolio strategies, with concentrated holdings intended to maximize risk reduction while keeping overall costs at low levels. The investment strategies run by our firm offer a fresh approach, cost effective, and with a constant focus on generating excess return.

Financial Retirement Planning

We work with each client to identity their financial and retirement objectives and goals. While investment management is vital to this process, we ensure that our clients have financial goals and expectations, and know what we plan to do in order to reach them.

Wealth Preservation

We advise on various estate planning issues and opportunities, aiming to maximize preservation of assets for spouse, family and extended generations.

Corporate and Institutional Consulting

We believe the resources of our two custodians, combined with access to carefully selected third party money managers, provides both a fiduciary and an investment committee with the necessary resources to manage a respective endowment, foundation, or corporate investment portfolio. The ability to provide consolidated trading, reporting, and investment management ensures that each organization can achieve stated objectives within their investment policy. Our reporting will include manager performance summary, asset allocation analysis, performance attribution, and compliance assessment.

Cash Management

With bank interest rates still at historically low levels we have the ability to build fixed income portfolios that are conservative in nature but provide a stream of income that most banks cannot produce. Individual, Joint, or Corporate brokerage accounts allow for the flexibility of investment options to make better use of your unused cash. These fixed income investments are not guaranteed or insured and can decline in principal. However, the fixed income holdings are safe, conservative and Traynor Capital will manage the holdings to protect principal and maximize total return of fixed income holdings.