ETF Aggressive:

100% Equity
A strategy for maximizing long term growth potential. Full exposure to the equity market to maximize gains. Higher Risk vs. Higher Rewards!

ETF Moderate Aggressive:

80% Equity / 20% Fixed Income
Long-term growth strategy with considerable risk. Minimal concern for protecting principal. Growth exposure with little income concern.

ETF Moderate:

60% Equity / 40% Fixed Income
Plan for reducing risk and enhancing returns almost equally. Willing to accept small losses to achieve long-term growth.

ETF Moderate Conservative:

40% Equity / 60% Fixed Income
Strategy for reducing risk and protecting principal while still looking for little growth.

ETF Conservative:

20% Equity / 80% Fixed Income
Values principal preservation but is willing to accept minimal risk for small appreciation.

100% Fixed Income

Conservative strategy with lower returns that values protecting principal with minimal risk. Focused on monthly income through interest and dividend payments.