Large Cap Equity:

Holdings: 20-25

Our Large Cap Equity strategy consists of the highest quality companies with solid financial and capital structures and strong management. Our firm will identify companies that have proven track records, while providing strong growth potential in the future. The holdings in the portfolio are companies with market capitalizations in excess of $10 billion and will focus on solid dividend income and companies with anticipated price appreciation.

Mid/Small Cap Equity:

Holdings: 30-35

Mid Cap – Targets growth companies with market capitalizations between 2$ billion and $10 billion. Primary focus is identifying companies with extraordinary growth potential, with earnings growth targets exceeding that of the S&P 400 Index.

Small Cap – A strategy for aggressive growth that will focus on companies whose market capitalization is below $2 billion. A fundamental, disciplined approach to focus on emerging companies with strong earnings growth an attractive valuation.

Multi-Cap Equity:

Holdings: 30-35

Our Multi-Cap Equity portfolio is a combination of the Large Cap Equity strategy along with Mid & Small Cap Exchange Traded Funds. With the concentrated growth of the individual stock holdings combined with the diversification of the ETFs, this portfolio provides long-term growth projections with short-term opportunities.